Most people know Cape Abilities Farm for the tomatoes, as they should. Local chefs rave about them, our Salad Club members swear by them, and we’re planning to expand our greenhouse tomato production an additional 3,300 ft² later this year. What people might not know, is that one of the biggest job creators at the farm for individuals with disabilities is the flower program. The farm grows thousands of annuals and perennials. Seeding, pot-filling, planting, watering — there’s a spot for everyone in the process of growing flowers.

I will be posting videos throughout the season of the crops we raise, the fun we have, and the lives that are changed through all of it. Right now Cape Abilities is in the middle of its biggest fundraiser of the year: The Cape Abilities 5k. This short video is just a snapshot of where the financial support goes. To help the farm reach our fundraising goal please go here:

Flower Season at the farm