Cape Abilities Farmers

I love my job. All I have to do is grow great tomatoes and believe in people. I work in the collision of agriculture and human services. My workplace is filled with people trying to find their way back, or just find their way period. Acquired brain injuries, autism, Down syndrome, tough-luck — for the workers at this farm it’s about more than raising crops.

Cape Abilities Farm, as it’s appropriately named, relies on many funding sources to exist. Revenue from the produce raised makes up part of the funding to keep the farm open. The farm relies on charitable donations and grants to make up the difference. Cape Abilities is an innovator in supporting adults living with disabilities through housing, transportation, job placement and training, and life skills. The farm, while employing adults with disabilities, is also a laboratory for sustainable agriculture and provides community education on the importance of locally-grown food.

From time to time I post to this blog, info on initiatives or grants that support the farm. We have applied for the Seeds of Change Grant to help fund our biological pest control program. Cape Abilities Farm has committed to being synthetic pesticide-free. The funds from this grant will go towards insect purchases and to help fund a new entomology position. Please vote for us daily to win the Seeds of Change grant with the link below: